Personal Tax Returns

Our fees typically range from $230.00 for a basic return to more than $730 for more complex returns.  Call now for a free fixed-fee quote.

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Business Tax Returns

Fees for most business returns typically range between $960 to $2,560 while some may be less or more.  We prepare Corporate Returns, Partnership Returns, and Sole-Proprietorship returns from professionals, investors, and entrepreneurs.

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Tax Planning

We help our client’s legally beat the IRS through a comprehensive tax planning process.   If you pay more than $30,000 per year in federal and/or state income taxes we can likely save your thousands of dollars each year.

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Newport Beach Tax Pro – Proactive Tax Planning

If you are like most successful entrepreneurs in orange county you are paying too much in taxes.  We can help legally reduce your federal and state tax liabilities by developing customized tax planning solutions for your unique situation.

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Our Approach to Tax and Financial Planning and convenient location in Orange County, provides Newport Beach families with greater financial freedom and less stress.  Call us Today at (949) 386-8824

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